How much will it cost to get started publishing my art?

Self-publishing your art begins with the need to reproduce your artwork. Most artists choose digital printmaking for making their reproductions. It is more cost effective than traditional printmaking techniques because start-up costs are low. The convenience of images being archived electronically allows you to place orders for a single print or in limited quantities, at any size—”on demand” is the term used. Which means you can reorder whenever you need them and be assured of a consistent product. 

Printing “on demand” is one-quarter the cost of making your reproductions using lithography. Now every artist can afford to self-publish!

Fidelis’s printmaking studio offers a full range of services to meet every artists’ needs.

The costs associated with archival inkjet printing are built into the front end (on average $250+ to get set-up, depending on the original and the artists’ expectations) however, the flexibility to produce prints as needed (“on-demand”) allows for the artist to bare no additional financial risk. See our Pricing calculators for specific details or call us to arrange your FREE project consultation 604-872-0088.

After business hours? Can’t reach us? Estimate the cost of your first print, try our Scan and Price Calculators.

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