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New Research Profiles Art Collectors – Via Canadian Art Magazine

Art collector research report news

Artists, galleries and dealers are hoping that this new research report will shed light on today’s “new” art collector.

“The report investigates the global art collector scene. It analyzes private art collectors throughout the world by region, their art collections and the collector’s individual characteristics. It also looks into regional scenes: the emerging collector scenes in Brazil, China and India, as well as the more established scenes in Germany and the United States are analyzed in this edition.” says Magnus Resch, Larry’s List co-founder.

Canadian Art Magazine spoke with Magnus Resch about the production of this research, its relevance for Canadians and the changes suggested by these findings. Read the full article


Custom Embed Codes

West End and Downtown from Tom Antil on Exhibit-it.

If you haven’t checked out Exhibit-it lately. We’ve added several new features to the site. Knowing that you already have other sites in place, we’ve incorporated custom embed codes into every exhibit page.

By using Exhibit-it as a marketing tool on other sites, you can now enhance an otherwise static portfolio site with a stunning HD exhibit video. Even your visitors can copy and paste the HTML embed code into their favorite social site, WordPress blog, etc… (see above)

Starting at only $48/year, Exhibit-it is a must for any aspiring artist. It’s more than just a slideshow! Turn your ordinary thumbnail galleries into an HD video and make sure that your visitors and collectors come back for more.


Exhibit-it.com an Alternative Art Exhibition Space

Exhibit-it is a game changer for artists looking for new ways to gain exposure for their art.

After 20 years working with artists we’ve learned that it takes time for a career to blossom, and to find a gallery to represent your art. But finding an exhibition space or a gallery to represent and exhibit your work isn’t easy for the emerging or the established artist.

A rise in real estate prices and an uneasy economy  have made gallery ownership tricky/risky business. It’s not just the private sector that’s struggling, local governments and non-profit groups are also struggling to find financing for public spaces and artist-run galleries.

You don’t have to go digging far into forums and group discussions to hear artist concerns about the lack of venues available for exhibiting their work. Popular questions such as:

“How do emerging artists find galleries to exhibit their art?”

“Why are there no exhibition opportunities?

“Help, I can’t find a gallery to exhibit my art?”

With fewer exhibit spaces becoming available, and a steady crop of graduating artists joining the current mix of established artists, there’s a problem looking for a solution.

In response to the need for alternative art exhibition spaces, artists are embracing new methods for gaining exposure for their work: online gallery spaces, virtual art shows and art exhibiting using video to name a few.

“Be Everywhere” is the catch-phrase used by our new art exhibition platform called Exhibit-it. Recently coming out of private beta, Exhibit-it offers artists an opportunity to create virtual solo art exhibits and share them using the power of video. Exhibits are curated by the artist using Exhibit-it’s image uploader, then they are organized to tell a story and finally published to the internet as HD video. Exhibit-it has the tools for artists to share their video art exhibit with their social networks, including Vimeo and Youtube.

Video is more likely to be shared on social networks than text, making Exhibit art shows accessible to every person, and viewable on computers, tablets and mobile devices. Maximum exposure to art enthusiasts and art dealers is the promise of Exhibit-it and it’s innovative approach to art marketing.

Take a stroll through the Exhibit-it galleries and explore new and interesting art shows.  ”It’s FREE!”

Learn how you can get you art exhibiting on Exhibit-it.





Get Started Developing a SmART Marketing Strategy for 2014

Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2013, I wanted to take a moment to share one of our key marketing resources with you. This is timely, because it’s this time of year you should be evaluating your business objectives and goals, which includes developing an effective marketing strategy. … Read more


Do artists still need a portfolio?

Recently, we entertained a group of photography students at the Fidelis studio. This is one of the things we like about our job, because we love to meet new people and enjoy the opportunity to be introduced to new artists and their work. Lots of great ideas were shared and we had the opportunity to answer lots of questions about fine art printmaking and self-publishing art. … Read more


China Photography Expedition with National Geographic Expert Greg Girard

Canadian photographer, Greg Girard has been photographing the many faces of Asia for over two decades. So when I heard that he was leading a photographic expedition to China, I wanted to share the opportunity with you.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m a huge fan. First admiring Greg’s work at the Toronto Art Fair in 2006. Now I get to admire Greg’s over-size photographs in production at Fidelis and on exhibit at Monte Clarke Gallery Vancouver. FYI Greg’s new exhibition opens in Vancouver on December 7th, 2013 running to January 11, 2104.

Not only is Greg an established lens-based fine artist, his assignments for National Geographic magazine include “Can China Go Green?” (June 2011) and “The New Great Walls” (May 2008). Greg has produced four books, and his work has appeared in TIMENewsweek, and Fortune.

Learn more about Greg Girard’s Nation Geographic China Photography Expedition


What’s Happening in the Art Market

Great video with expert Clare McAndrew via +BLOUIN ARTINFO http://youtu.be/XKXN2avDFEY

Google+: View post on Google+


Is it correct to call an enhanced inkjet print an original work of art?

On Linkedin today an artist asked a really good question, that sparked a day-long debate, “Is it correct to call an enhanced inkjet print an original work of art?”. There was a series of responses, many artists saying “no, an inkjet is a reproduction, it doesn’t matter how much its modified”. Others saying “yes, it could be an original”, sighting a problem with the distinction, as it pertains to fine art photographic prints. One artist so accurately put it, “If you ask 100 artists, you’ll get 100 different answers on the subject.”

So I’m asking our Artist Community, what’s your opinion? … Read more


Seth Godin on “What creatives have backwards”. How stepping outside the norm creates a path to success

American Way Magazine calls him, “America’s Greatest Marketer” (which I am in complete agreement). He has over 100,000 followers on G+ and over 190,000 followers on Facebook. His blog is perhaps the most popular in the world written by a single individual.

If you haven’t heard of Seth Godin, I’d like to introduce you to him.

Seth’s blog and best selling books discuss the post-industrial revolution, how ideas spread, marketing, perseverance, education and leadership.  As a creative, parent and marketer, so much of what he say rings true for me.

About this video, why I think you should watch it and how it relates to artists … Read more


Profiting from the resale of your art: Bill C-516 and what it could mean for artists

This is an update to a post we published in 2010 about the resale of  artworks, pricing art and planning for retirement. 

Many art groups believe there is a huge injustice taking place when an artist receives no royalties on a new sale of their artwork (for example, at auction, at an appreciated price). In response this out-pour, the Canadian House of Commons recently introduced a private member’s bill to bring an artist’s resale right to Canada.

If passed this law would make it possible for artists to receive royalties on “appreciated” artworks. For some artists, the ability to recoupe their personal investment in an artwork they sold, usually at a reduced rate early in their career, is a big bonus and may enhance their quality of life. However, before you start planning your retirement, it’s important to understand the Pro’s and Con’s of this Bill. … Read more

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